The World's First Peel Away Disposable Sheets

Each Peel Away Layer is Soft and 100% Waterproof

Instantly Have Clean Sheets.

Peelaways are simple to use

Place Peelaways with color stitching at head of mattress.

Peel away

After 7-10 days, or earlier if soiled, pull down top corner, then peel along seams to reveal a fresh sheet underneath.

Dispose of used layer responsibly.


Stop sleepless nights! Each layer of our sheets are 100% waterproof. Simply peel off the soiled layer to INSTANTLY have a clean, soft and dry sleeping environment. Perfect for those accidents in the middle of the night!


Waterproof, Breathable Nonwoven Blend of Polyester, Rayon and Bamboo Fiber.


If you're like us, you are guilty of letting your cute, little, fuzzy one sleep with you.


"Oh this feels nice...Super Soft!"

Martha Stewart

"These sheets are great for people who are looking for convenience."

"We tried them, and have never looked back. We have 3 "sick" beds in the ZOO (infirmary) and each one has Camp A Peel."

Mary Ellen MacKnight, MSN, RN, OCN Kay's Kamp

"Less than the cost of washing the equivalent amount of sheets."

New York Times

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